Tuesday, 6 November 2012

lady in white

this moment of my life .i am soo confused.
at everything.
i thought by now
at this age of 21.
i should have a littleee bit figured out.
but yet i feel even moree less of a human being
like i am half a torso running around in flames
and just like horror movies instead of running away
i am running right inside the devils den
i mean there are so many things i want to achieve so many things i want to become
i just want to be independent andd be a strong woman
who loves her job who has a lovely home and lives a happy life
also the prospect of finding love which doesnt seem to exist in my vocabulary at this stage.

or is this just me againnn having too much time to think
if i am just overrr analyzing everything
and ofcourse most people must be confused too
but still its me whose living in my life in my body
and i cant seem to findd out what it is that i am
sometimes even my fashion senses kinda confuses me
and i feel very frustrateddd that i cannot be or makeup my mind
i just want to feel freeeeee of every boundaries of every judgements of every criticisms of every ones voices i just want to be freee.
and i started to think i should just dress all in white like a mourning
mourning for the death of my brain.

yett another day and ill be fine once again. :)