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Sanjita gurung
Ruchita gurung

brand-  .nori. 

the collection we have made is created with hues of darks -our primary colour being black- which is altered, bleached and processed in different ways for different asthetic looks. There are sudden hints of colours seeping through the fabrics- from neon to pastels, soft peaches also sheen and see through textures, mostly plastic being our second most used item in collaboration. we are particularly in favour of accentuating the shoulders and the neck cuffs ,which as youll see is one of the trend we carry on through out the collection. In skills and techniques we deal with prints, screen prints, hand painting, sewing, tailoring and as for themes we are exploring nostalgia, summer, gothic, yet chic perhaps challenging the form of bodies with the idea of creating un-ordinary shapes from the outershells. i want it to give the feel of slouchy and comfort yet fashionable and dark and remain oddly shaped.

items explanations from top to bottom

1- this is a silk print top with hand painted and printed image of a old wall from an old postcard that i own. it reminds me of nostalgia of warm days and the want for summer. its desires and just the perfect amount of colour to mix with black its a more colourful summery look perhaps for a younger audience.

the skirt will be round figured shorts with puffy middle and tight bottom then plastic veils on the sides with rounded bottom for the shape of the skirt.

2- this is largely going to be made with see through product with soft plastic that is easy to sew and work with as i like the idea of nude skin showing. and using black again in strips which will be layered and sown together with threads and pieces shown on purpose, inspired by artists such as christopher kane who has experimented in plastic and clear products.

3- this will be a large coat, i am in huge love of coats and nicely made jackets trench coats anything longer then knee therefore i am making this also it is more unisex item so it can be modeled by a man too. this is will made out of purely black material with tweaking from processing for bleaching or embroideries or embellishments.

4. this top is largely about the shoulders the shape rather then any textures or colours i want to out accentuate the shoulders but tight on the waist area for a more prominent hourly glass look. this will be made out of black fabric with good hold so thick and sturdy.

5- i am using clear peach chiffon material to make this jacket, it will accentuate the shoulders and arms with revealing stitches instead of inside the joints and dismantled fabric will be shown for the style itself. when modeling it should be modeled with a darker material or a short top as it is a high waisted trouser.

such inspirations have come from japanese brands with uniquely shaped jackets.paleblck:

ohta (オオタ)

6. this will be based on marbeling black fabrics using neon paints with the shape of a cape which will be mostly done by my sister ruchita.

Yago Hortal

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my main interests derives from some of my  favourite designers, yojhi yamamoto who is known for his quirky ways, his use of beautiful tailoring and avant garde pieces, he works with shapes in a and normally one block colour of black which intrigues me. 

another artist favourite is commes des garcons who is an icon i simply adore her ideas her fashion that is so uncommercial at times still is so beatiful its almost artistic. the way her clothes become a garment even though perhaps it is not made in a normal way or put in a normal way it is still a beautiful quirky style.