Wednesday, 8 May 2013

last night i was about to sleep but i had this thought.
it was a intense day. and i didnt have much strength.
but you showed me love.

breathing in the cusp of my hand i held you close in fear,
my heart could shatter in thousand pieces but i still need you dear,
my tears come from a place i once left tightly shut,
buried in darkness, through deep skins it couldnt cut
but now i close and clasp my hands to thee,
never let go my love, never let go of me.

another anouncement i am in love with this new band 'broken hands' and they are performing free at may 15 should definately go. i saw them live last time and they were amazing and the singer is really beautiful :)

i did marys makeup n look oh yea..
aniways had such a poetic creative moment this morning made two songs. but nothing ever fully done i am trying to perfect at some form of instrument but it doesnt seem to work but i keep moving, aniways this is one song i hope u enjoy.