Saturday, 17 August 2013

can i just admire soundcloud and electronic/hiphop/mixtapes sounds that i never really thought i would get into but here i am drooling over these bounty layers of techno heaven and music that should clot you with thick cholesterol. here are some that i was admiring/stalking this one is repetition heaven this is jack steadman who was the main person to rejuvinite some form of wanting to learn to make these kind of music. then i decided to give it a try this is my first mini music out of gairi khet ko sirai halyo which is the ultimate classic old nepalese song i love the cinematography of it. and i decided to use some of my own old art photos as the display photos i hope you can kind of sense the traumatic state of mind i am in haha. and this song is out of my own song that i made called bestow. hopefully illl become better in the future but its fun to try something new :)