Sunday, 18 August 2013


 i tried to find solace in the confirmed society
 the engulfed human greed of lusting notoriety
 love was a war with tormented remains
 i see the sickness of my brain,
 the cage that binds my name,
 as i smoke one last ciggarette to the ground
 the dust that piles with humans graves
 and bodies that's never been found
 the children we were once
 we grew in this flowers bloom
 yet were sicker then before,
 and the reflections of our eyes
 evanescence in the nights fume
 thicker and dense from its core.


i watched the movie Howl played by James franco he is one of my most admired artist since he plays such intriguing roles with so much clarity and defines each character to its prestine roles. this character is incrediblyy interesting and is written about the poet Allen ginsberg and his life his poem Howl that went through a obscenity trial for having obscure languages, but now obviously sexuality in a form of literature or art would not be considered unlawful. still its a great movie if you are really into poetry as there are alot of poetry being read out and literature and just a fan of interview settings it kind of reminds me of  andy warhols interviews etc. great poetic movie overall.