Monday, 10 February 2014

i am planning to move back to my pahad village well its mums, apparently we still hav a house there and somebody is jus living there for free its set somewhere on top of a mountain with the only transport getting there and out being the tiny aeroplanes unless you walk for hours. and i was searching the population of the whole village is only few thousand people.

i wanted to also stay in darjeeling for a bit my maijus family is frm there and it seems sooooooo preeety..

 I think I have always know this place isnt for me, some people thrive in such environment but i feel suffocated, and really not at home even though i have lived here for more then 10 years, i even stayed in london for few years its fun here and there but most of the time its just crowded,  i think i was jus living to study so now i can begin my life as i want after my uni finishes. although i dont know my future and i dont know if ill survive such different culture shock but i have always longed to move back to nepal and finally it is so close to my grasp i feel very very happy.  although i have fears to live without my sisters or my parents they are my safety blanket but they still have to study and i dont want to stay here so i guess you have to make sacrifices. so please god help me pass my uni then i can finally relax. i hope ill be celebrating my next birthday in nepal.

i also want to teach kids english or art and teach everyone for free hahaha it wud be nicee i love kids and their minds they r so open minded i love that about them.

i gotta use this year to make the most money now so i can atleast survive few months


i hope you all live your dreams too and do what you want to not what you have to.