Monday, 27 January 2014

hellooooooooo guysss finally todayy i have fixed my computerrr they told me it would cost 130 pounds just to fix my screen but i went to ebay bought the screen for 50 pounds and fixed it myself more then half price cheaper oh yeah this feelssss reall good :DD and i have missed typing and looking at a bigger screen then the small phone i use now,,, i always wonder of a life with no dependancy of technology it is ofcourse a great sign of civilization and the intelligence of the human breed butt with so many futuristic movies showing people becoming lazy and obese, everything being handed to you by machinese i fear for our race in the future.. this beautiful quote means alot to me and i always think this before i buy something i dont need " desire ultimately brings you sufferance""" and its true if you think about everything you desire you must suffer to achieve even your dreams you must suffer and work hard to achieve even love you must suffer and work together to achieve money you must work hard family happiness if you are never satisfied you will never find true happiness perhaps just basking in this beautiful sun and admiring what we have better then others worse then some but its enough isnt it. to me it is and i am fine just like this mary is more then a million dollars alone and my family we have so much ups and downs but i love them to bits.

i am really excitedd to talk aboutt some really good movies i have seen this month i think i have literaly become cinema crazy and they are getting alotttt of money of me. i even ventured to the hindi movies in cineworld it was my  first time watching hindi film in the cinema and i loved itt. WARNING THIS IS GOING TO BE CRAZY LONG!!!
the first movie was RAM LEELA with deepika padukone and ranveer singh as the main casts and wow it was explosive with colours, not only did i fall in love with their outfits even the menwear are soo beautiful so textured and embroidered, beautiful visionary i was thouroughly impressed and loved the story line although it is based in the ever famous shakespeares romeo and juliet their version i could argubly say was the best i have seen in my eyes but i just love a good bollywood movie with all the colours sparkles outfits love songs dancing etc. it was directed by  sanjay leela bansali who also made one of my other favourite devdas so i was expecting alot and it delivered amazingly i think i feel in love with the wholee place outfit people and the hero ofcourse :) if you havnt watched it you musttt!!

the next hindi movie  i watched was dhoom 3 starring amir khan katrina kaif this movie was a unexpected hit for me because i had never seen dhoom 1 and 2 but i will try and see them too. this movie was incredibly hyped in my facebook amongst my nepalese peers so ofcourse i was intrigued and when i watched it WOOOW! i thoughtt the story line was amazing and amir khans acting just tooo talentedd so indearing and so cool, i literally cried out loud for 5- 10 min at the end because whenever i watch a movie there is always something that i can connect to be it with family situation or love situation you know you can connect and it just touched me so much it made me think about my sisters and i love them dearly so it was beautiful, he is truly a legend and one of my love from young days in that song papa kehte he bada nam karega :D  this also is a 5 star to me so please wattch it guysss!!

now some hollywood movies i watched was american hustle, this was also really really good jennifer lawrence is so funny i just love her character i love how they dressed so glamourouss!!! christian bale looks so differentt and you can see how much effort he put into this character i mean literally he looks just like how he should be a little overweightt thin hair very sneaky but very cool  amy adams his sidekick she is slick sexy confident just beautiful acting bradly coopers character again very different from his roles he plays usually he is always the hot hero but this time he was kind of like the nervous yet trying to gain control sort of police guy and i loved his small curly hair  itts a brilliant movie once again must watch...

the next movie i saw was HER this feels like a indie movie the script is beautiful the acting and scarlet johansons voice she is not even in the film just her voice alone is enough haha so many things they said really makes you think about sadness and why we choose to live in the past and be sad when really it doesnt even exist. its about love and divorces and ttechnologies set in the future time so not only the story line tthe whole futuristic world is very impressive to see its so realisttic, inventers should take up ideas from this movie to make,,, its genious!!!. 

and the last movie i want to talk about is THE WOLF OF WALL STREET and my god this movie is crazzzyyyy but sooo exciting it makes meee want to be a man and live like that a crazy life you know we all wish to be crazy sometimes have so much money you dont even care party every day but ofcourse it doesnt always end nicely. LEONARDO DICAPRIO is one of my favourite actors of allll timee he is sooooo good actor every movie he plays he plays it to perfection he is that charactter and he made those characters come alive. and the actress in this movie i recognised her from earl and she looked so beautiful here and there is alot of sexual contextt so ofcourse not for kids under 16 but instead of some movies who just have it unnecessarily just to show off i think this movie it was necessary to show the extent of their money their lifestyle it was all about drugs sex and money.  leonardo my first ever love since i saw him in titanic and romeo juliet in nepal when i was like 4 5 i think i still remember that moment even noww it was the first time i watched a hollywood movie in nepal and i was in awwwwwwwwwwwwh with leonardo huhuhuuhu and who wouldnt he is beautiful. so once again guys go and watch this moviee!!!

this month has been the best month i have ever seen so many good movies i am just so excited about it haha aniways i know it was long but it was just too good to not mention and i just want tto spread the beauty and the magnificance of these movies, i want to thank all the directors for creatting such masterpieces and the actors i bow tto your brilliance. and odeon and cineworld thank you haha. ok bye for now hope you all have a good week :)