Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Hi bloggers i wanted to wish everyone happynew year and apologise for my absence i slept on top of my laptop n itbroke even now m writing in my sisters ipad. This year has been quite crazy i had to start everythhin new again different home different place people work etc, but i realised something quote from into the wild" happiness is only real when shared " eightyy percent of the time m in my home alone n it felt quite sad n too quiet, But i also realised i am a grandma at heart i thinki was trying to be something m not going to parties n living a glamourous city independent life, yet i dont kno if that brought me joy, i have decided to give it up and drinking maybe just wine, i lovee to explore and see the world fascinating beautiful things, perhaps be of use to mankind, maybe work to help the poor i dunno but i really detest the materilistic world we are consumed and brain washed by i must watch so many videos that vlog abt what they boought and as like everyone i believe i want them.. But i can sense deep down there are more things i want to achieve then buying the latest fashion or gadget etc,, i just feel like i can livee with jus small house few clothes n a beautiful village in nepal maybe where my grandparents live, n i cud paint as i listen to the gentle forest. I also want to travel as a teacher i think these are the things i am trying to gain. We are all trying to be a good person and in some way we all are, maybe we get lost in our tracks in greed , power jealousy in judgements and hatred but at the end we shud enjoy this beautiful life and love this earth as it is, love our self love each other our friends family, so i begin this new year with hope n prosperity i wish you all well too :)