Monday, 25 August 2014

dear blog
I am sorry I have been so lost. I cannot believe it has been so long since I wrote to you.
many things have changed, i don't know if i am becoming more mature or more immature as days go by. i have become into poems again and i want to write a poem book with photos or my paintings :) i will see i am a daydreamer. here is one about my life its quite a oddly rhymed one.


this house, this chair,
the glossed wooden glare,
hued dust pink carpets,
the goldfish that stare,
only 3 seconds memory,
are you happy golden fish?
forever yearning,
for those mystery treats,

i seem i am, yet i am, still
this window i know,
the patterned curtains and
the new wooden floors,

and i am still

everything i know,
every memory i know,
the touch, the paint,
the dreams i paint,

and i am still,

i love this house,
my disordered family,
i  just want
to be able
to just be able
to move my muscles
 to move my legs
to move my hands
and this unused brain
to move my heart
to dream better
to believe in moving
in being,
in living

and dream the day

not to be still.


aspirations i guess.:)

take carexx