Monday, 15 May 2017

families are crazy

OMGGGG literally I am so angry, I don't understand some people who haveeee crazyyy behaviours, who guilt trip me and make me feel like crap everyday, I am just sooo upset. I never get angry but sometimes it's just too much, I can't live like this in this place full of negativity. I fend off positive vibes and just to be around someone so negative who gives up, who ultimately depends on someone else for their happiness, and who literally only cares about money money money... MONEEEEYYYY!!! no it's not your family's happiness or your childs achievement, It's how much money you have in the bank how much richer you are then other peoplee!!!1 how muchhh someone has and how less we have!! even though we haveeee a houseeeee we have two houses in Ukkkkk we have food we have clothes ofcourse we don't have that much money cause no one is working except Dad and we rarely go anywhere! I never go out now cause I don't have any money but I don't care because I know there is something better coming! I will break from this hell hole, and I know I will be free soon! I just feel so crap because even trying to be positive is so hard at this house where i am consumed by negativity! are all families like this? is this what a family is???? because of this I don't want to be married and I don't want a husband and lately I feel like love is nothing sometimes I just hate it so much I ca't bear it! I just wish I could go somewhere outside of here just for a bit but I am waiting now. I have to feel constant guilt all my freaking life for being the oldest and not providing for this family!!!!!!!!! all my freaking lifeeeee when will someone give me a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am just so angry I am stomping at this keyboard and no one is there to help me aaaaaaaaaa aniways I need to go and cry my anger out now I just hate hate hate hate hate this house only 10 more days. Be strong! ommmmm