Tuesday, 21 October 2014

dear blog

it is getting so cold now i am finding it difficult to even type... my room is alwayss so cold out of all the rooms in my house i dont know why it must have bad ventilation but i can always see my breath in the winter!!

i wrote a poem :)


it was dark, unclear,
footsteps mark,
fogged blurry sights,
the corners clashes,
shuddered palms,
as we blindly stepped right.

the whistle blows,
thats it tonight ,
rest if you can
crawl it may
eyes wide open youll sleep
contemplating the masked man

skin stuck carved pose
puppeteer moves
you never chose
you knew where to go
but he didnt follow
the whistle might blow
itll take till tomorrow

breathless fears
teammates lost souls
the board is closing
this man came too close

was it over?
will you ever meet the king again
glints light
the box you see
smile today
tmr he is your enemy.

sanjita gurung..

if you understood the poem then really you understood my mind

but if not i will tell you it is from the perspective of a chess figure and he is the guard for the king he watches his team mates loosing and kidnaped by the other player, he is helpless yet brave he knows of no world then just this and no morning then waking to this he is fearful yet he lives it daily, when they are in the box together they are all friends and for the night theyll sleep but next day they are enemies forever living in the fear of being kidnapped and overruled!  it was just a thought that came to me this morning i hope you liked it :)