Thursday, 30 April 2015


to my dearest blog

you are so beautiful to me
i am forever thankful for what you did to me
you helped me grow
you saw me in all my miseries and happiness my inability to create anything or my strength motivation to create something, i tried to find my self sown within this blog and it makes me happy to know it will forever be alive even when i am long gone and perhaps my children will see it or my grandchildren i do not know. although i do not want them to think i was a depressed teenager i hope they see that i was a person full of emotions and thus i could only excrete my emotions through my arts or poems this was a blog for me to vent because perhaps i was a lonely child or misunderstood.

i think everyone in some way feels lonely sometimes i always think i am the only one feeling this but i realise there are so many , even people i know then i start to feel bad that i wasn't there for them. i realise we are all naturally selfish going on our own ways trying to favour our own lives and grow alone its just in human nature but i hope i can be a friend when someone needs me.

i know that as a teenager you have so much anger and hate towards the world your family your life i don't know why you always feel like you are so different and no one understands you but i think its just hormones now that i have grown up. and don't worry you will grow out of it you will suddenly reach a age where everything starts to make sense and you start to love your parents for everything they have done for you and instead of hating them you want to earn money so you can help them.

its weird for me to see so many teenagers or younger people nepalese people who all do art its so strange for me when i first started doing art there were so few perhaps handful now it seems everyone is doing art or creative subjects it really excites me for the generation of nepalese kids and i really hope they have a bright future ahead.

i will be graduating from my art degree although i am still unsure of my life goal you know. i think i need to go and find my passion i need to travel or i need to search within and find what i am truly inspired by what i really want to do or achieve through my creative journey. and for all the creative students studying or marking or creative job i wish you all the best be strong we can all do it :)x

here are some photos i found that i had forgotten of nostalgic photos.
does anyone ever worry about printing photos how people don't do it anymore and everything is in yrs Facebook database but in the future when u r old u won't have any to look back on unless u go on Facebook!! its weird so i am going to start printing photos out every month yes i should!!

so many memories!! beautiful ones sad ones but life worth living ones :)