Thursday, 24 December 2015

what is perfection?

I want to ramble upon this topic because everywhere in the social media or life in itself we portray a certain character, or we portray whoever we want to portray everything is imagery everything is like an illusion the makeup that covers my giant spots or clothes that give off a certain vibe, dont you think its weird i am the same person yet if i wear and put together two different types of outfit i get completely different reactions. its strange why do we try to be so perfect i dont understand, why is everyones instagram so sleek and perfect like they are models? i dont get it we are all just humans who eat work poop grow fart sit stand run i dunno we are all made up of the same things i am not saying people are all the same because the brain is what differentiates us. something we think something we keep something we do we like to do i dunno people are whats inside really really i wish more people relaised that but as i see the internet age growing i just see vanity growing even more and now i just want to be hobo even more just to hate on that vanity and even if i am boyfriendless and loveless ill jus be a happy hobo hippie running around freely spiritually amongst the clouds where i am jus blindly happy :D i dont know if i never see it it never bothers me i realise its not a part of my life if i choose to not let it. but i just want to tell all my little children who think they are not as preety as the celebrities you are so preety even preetier then any flower in the world i hope everyone realises your beauty is truly skin deep go read soemthing amazing or find soemthing you are curious about always learn and learn and gather information gather knowledge gather poetry or art thats what gives you power and strength and beauty that not your face or body it really doesnt matter and if you are not th emost popular kid in the world who caressss. have you ever seen any popuular kid makign something of themself most of the amazing intellligent human race changing people were the nerds of their school and i doubt they cared they just worked hard at what they lvoed and look at them now amazing!! so i really hope people can realise that as i have i find beauty in so many people around me and i am just amazed at the love i am given i want to give it back to them too thank youxx