Tuesday, 2 February 2016

sometimes i feel so lonely its really strange there are millions billions of people but no one to call my own, and all i wanted was to have a conversation or someone to support me i am always working and then i come home to a room full of nothing, i dunno i landed in seoul after uk and i went to a hostel because it was too late to go to my hometown in korea, the owner was a guy who is maybe older then 40 he told me he lived in that giant house alone he was never married and he doesn't feel lonely because there is internet. he meets people from the internet and does things together or he just surfs in the internet, then i thought this is the world we live in because of internet we rarely make effort to go outside and meet people i never meet anyone new because my daily habit consists of me coming back home after work and going on youtube or watching films or some crap until its time to eat then sleep. so honestly i am scared i will not find the one because even my one is probably in the internet right now. someone who i can have deep talks with and someone who thinks like me or understands my thoughts who is not just one level of conversation who can see beyond just looks, i will talk to guys and really there is no chat no deepness apart from small talk and i find it so immature, i just dunno if i am a serious person or if i am boring now. but i want to connect with soul with art with music with philosophy with nature with spiritual and of course be filled with happiness i want to share my happiness share my life share my secrets share the places i like to go i thought i would find my soul mate but sometimes i think i wont find it anymore.
 sometimes i hate the internet because it made human connections so dull and boring all i see is the peoples top head glued to the screen of their phone as if they will die if they dont see that news or video or clip. this is the world we live in sighs.